R3 Software Users

International Asset Engineer


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The R3 Product Suite can be configured to meet the needs of those in roles from CEO to Managers.  Access to the latest corporate and project level data is critical to those in these roles.  Along with the latest KPIs and metrics, management needs insight into the risk associated with projects. This can be provided through stochastic analysis to see the P10, P50, and P90 values of assets, prospects and acquisition opportunities, and reserves.

The international asset engineer can use the R3 International fiscal regime library add-on (which includes over 80 country fiscal regimes) with R3 Economics to evaluate individual international opportunities as well as roll up internationalportfolios for budgetary and risk analysis purposes. R3 International includes automatic conversions among international and domestic units and currencies, and is available in multiple languages.

Property Tax Appraisals

Financial Institutions


OGRE Systems has a long history of providing banks and financial institutions with tools designed to make their analysis and workflows more efficient. Tools such as reports that calculate the half-life of the reserves comprising the borrow-base assets, one-line reports, sorted by decreasing NPV, that comprise 80% of the value of the loan assets, and reports that identify seasoned wells versus un-seasoned wells indicating the life of their production history.

OGRE Systems’ R3 Economics is configurable to provide the property tax appraisal industry the streamlined system they want for assessment purposes. Whether you are with a taxing authority, or a property tax group for a production company, the simpler screens allow you to quickly move through your preferred workflow. Link to the databases you need for production, pricing, and operating cost data, or store the data in your R3 Economics database, and quickly review your tax-base values, see how they have changed from the previous year, and run sensitivity analysis on pricing and opcosts.