International Solutions

Does your current international reserve solution respond to your unique set of demands?  

From analyzing bid rounds to incorporating risk into your decisions, the world of international oil and gas exploration and production requires a reserves evaluation and economics solution that is powerful, flexible and agile.  

With R3’s extensive library of international fiscal models, the unique potential value of each of your international opportunities can be explored.  Each model can be customized to investigate the options and risks associated with your decisions using R3’s open model scripting.  

If time is tight, our fiscal modeling consultants offer services for model customization with fast turnaround times.

From simple international valuations to modern stochastic approaches, our team has the skills to make sure your model can answer your questions.  Once the model is developed, the easy to edit modeling tools provide transparency and consistency

So you can:

  • Analyze the impact of E&P projects, economic assumptions, fiscal regimes and prices

  • Estimate and compare reserves, volumes, cash flows and KPIs

  • Assess capital projects, schedules and constraints

  • Simplify complex scenarios

  • Increase confidence in your decisions

  • Isolate key variables to understand sensitivity and uncertainty