Importing IHS data

When you need to import IHS data from a .dp2 file, click File > Transfer (Import/Export). 


Since this is the same option as exporting make sure you specify Transfer In. 

You will need to browse to the .dri file to import.

Click Next chose what data you want to include.

You'll need to choose if you want to Update, Insert, or Reorganize your data. We'll go through each of the options.



You'll need to specify the study that has the data that is being updated, and you'll need to identify the key that you will use to match the IHS data to the right asset in your database. API Code is a popular key because it is always unique. Click Finish for the transfer process to complete.


Specify what data you want to include with the import of the IHS data and click Next. If you want to import all of the IHS data then select that asset in the left hand panel. Note that the IHS Root appears as an asset with children. When the import is complete, IHS Root will appear as an asset in your tree, and in this example it will be a child of the NM asset. Click Finish to complete the process.


The Reorganize option works the same way as the main Reorganize option works which is documented in the article titles How to use the Reorganize feature.