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Using the Well Scheduler

The Well Scheduler allows you to create a number of wells based on a Type Well.


When you create a drilling schedule, the newly created wells will have the same parent asset as the Type Well used. As such to create the well schedule you will find your Type Well in the Study tree and right click on the parent asset and choose Well Schedule:



You will get a dialog box to specify the schedule.


Here is what each of the columns represent:

Template Asset: This is the asset you want to use as your Type Well.

Start Date: This is the date that the drilling will start for this segment of the schedule. By default it will be today's date.

PSD Delay Months: This is the number of months between the completion of the drilling increment and the date used for the Production Start Date (PSD).

Number of Wells: This is the total number of wells that you intend to drill for this segment of your well schedule.

Interval Increment: This is the number of months it takes to drill a well.

Wells Per Increment:  This is the number of wells that will be created in each increment of the well drilling schedule.


Some examples

If you have three drilling rigs that each take two months to complete the drilling of a well and plan to drill 10 wells, you would enter 10 for the Number of Wells, 2 for Interval Increment and 3 for Wells Per Increment. 

Using the scenario above, if two of your rigs can drill a well in two months, but the third rig requires three months to drill a well, then you would need to use one line for the first two rigs and a second line in this well scheduler for the third rig,

If you plan to drill a number of wells, then take a break (perhaps because of weather) and then pick up again and continue the drilling schedule, then you would need to use one line in this well scheduler for the first segment of the drilling schedule, and another line for the next segment, the key thing to pay attention to here is the Start Date. 

If you need to use different wells as your type, you need to use a new line for the new type.

You can list several entries for the schedule using different wells as templates (type) or even the same might see something when you're done that will look like this:


When you complete your schedule configuration, click Create. The wells will then be created and appear as sibling assets to the Type Well:

You can now rename each of the new assets to appropriate names.