R3 Reserves Software System

R3 Reserves is a complete oil and gas reserves reconciliation and reporting system.  It allows you to track period-to-period changes to your reserves in all PRMS categories, for SEC, EIA-23, and internal reporting purposes.  Change-tracking periods are user configurable, as are the products tracked and the reserve change categories.


Database versus Spreadsheet

Stored in a secure database, rather than in a spreadsheet, you can query, track, analyze, and report from the single-version-of-the-truth source of your official reserves information.

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Source Independent and Secure

R3 Reserves accepts reserves data from any economics system source, as well as spreadsheets. It provides full security, and a complete audit trail of all changes made in the system.  It has a flexible change-approval process for authorizing changes and robust reporting and charting capabilities, including PUD-aging and change-trend reporting.