R3 Visual Analytics

Perform faster and more detailed analysis of your data.

While it’s not easy to collect and maintain all the data generated from oil and gas properties and opportunities, it’s even harder to wade through that data and use it to improve your bottom line. R3 Visual Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool built to customize and streamline your interactions with your data. The result is faster diagnosing of issues and better predictions of future performance.

Reach better decisions and improve your return on investments with our spatial data, interactive Business Intelligence tool.

What If analysis on Advance Rate in loan applicaitons to determine base case vs roll-forward case in different reserve categories.

  • Built to customize and streamline analysis of your reserves and economic data.

  • Delivered with pre-built Storyboards for mapping, production performance, and economic evaluation, so you can hit the ground running.

  • Readily identify trends, outliers and correlations between datasets.

  • View, compare and contrast key economic performance indicators like NPV, ROR, and ROI for cash flow analysis.

  • View, compare and contrast key production parameters like EURs, economic half-life, and type well analysis.

  • Customize your Storyboard and Dashboard displays,or have OGRE experts customize them for you.


Turn cash flow numbers into intuitive visualizations.

Quickly get Deterministic and Probabilistic Type Well Trend-line from a neighbor reservoir

Various normalization methods in Type Well Curve generation, e.g. normalize to peak rate in first X month.