The economic analysis functionality provides consistent and comprehensive modeling to ensure compliance with PRMS standards. Economics functionality includes:

Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis Results.png

• Customizable import and export spreadsheets

• Flexible and configurable asset tree hierarchy

• Interactive log-log and semi-log decline curve analysis

• DCA using Arp’s, Doung, modified-hyperbolic, stretched exponential and other methodologies

• Multi-segmented production forecasts

Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis Results

Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis Results

• Robust economic parameters and analysis including allocations, escalations, etc.

• Multi-variate sensitivity analysis

• Advanced economic model building capability

• Multi-step query action processing tool

• Type well profile generation and application

• Advanced well schedule tool

• Stochastic risk and uncertainty evaluation

The reserves functionality provides tracking of period-to-period changes to your reserves in all PRMS categories, for SEC, EIA-23, and internal reporting purposes. Reserves functionality includes:

Reserve Tracking 2016.png

• User-definable reserve categories, modeling and tracking

• Creating, modifying, locking and unlocking reporting periods and change codes

• Assigning and changing approval limits and security access

• Defining internal codes and assigning EIA and SEC codes for reporting purposes

Oil Production Contribution.png

• Auditing and reporting reserve changes

• Providing EIA summaries for assets or asset groups

• Reserve differences with codes and comments

• Planning and monitoring 5-Year Drilling Program