R3 Product Suite

OGRE Systems provides Reserves and Economics software solutions for asset evaluation, management and reporting. 


R3 Economics

The R3 Economics program allows you to do decline curve analysis with log-log plots and time varying beta values, as well as multi-sensitivity analysis, stochastic analysis of decline curves and volumetrics, type well generation, well scheduling, apply premise files to define price and escalation parameters and much more. 

R3 Reserves

The R3 Reserves program gives you the ability to track changes to your reserves in all PRMS categories for SEC, EIA-23 and internal reporting purposes.


R3 Economics Add-on Modules

R3 International

R3 International was designed to  handle country contract models, including PSA/PSCs, Royalty and Corporate Income Tax for over 80 countries.  It comes with Flexible ModelBuilder so users can easily customize and modify their own contracts.  The program is available in six different languages.


R3 Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics gives you the necessary tools to compare KPIs for your assets in the customizable visual map and dashboard interface.

R2r Mapping

R3 R2R (Resources to Reserves) mapping and well planning program provides a graphic tool for digitizing hydrocarbon mapped volumes and to develop a map-based well schedule program.


R3 Annual Report

The R3 Annual Report lets you customize how you compile your assets for internal and external reporting purposes, handling thousands of assets.  The program uses OGRE developed Python scripts and LATEX standard programmable formatting so you can incorporate your latest edits into your quarterly and annual reports in a very efficient manner.