R3 Visual Analytics

While it’s not easy to collect and maintain all the data generated from oil and gas properties and opportunities, it’s even harder to wade through that data and use it to improve your bottom line. R3 Visual Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool built to customize and streamline your interactions with your data. The result is faster diagnosing of issues and better predictions of future performance.


R3 Visual Analytics


R3 Visual Analytics is a software program designed to give you the tools necessary to fully understand your assets.  The program uses Views (visualizations) to allow you to interact with your data, grouping and filtering it, to identify trends and relationships. 


R3 Interactive Visualizations

Next Level Business Intelligence

  • Interactive visualizations of your data

    • Filter & Sort

    • Drill-down to details

    • Map information

    • Time-lapse view of data

  • Analyze your data

    • Trend lines

    • Confidence intervals

    • Smart totals


R3 Visual Analytics Dashboard

R3 Visual Analytics Features

  • Scalable to any data set size/location

  • Easy to share

    • Built-in dashboards

    • Customizable

  • Create for all user roles

    • Operations

    • Reservoir engineering

    • Accounting

    • Management