Software Overview

The R3 Product Suite


Software Overview

The R3 Product Suite

Whether you are a consultant, independent or large international oil company, our scalable reserves package provides flexible petroleum economics and engineering solutions.   

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R3 Economics Economics and Reserves Software

R3 Economics

Economics and Reserves


Simplifies reserves forecasting and business decision modeling challenges faced by oil and gas companies.

R3 International Fiscal Model Library Add-on

R3 International

Fiscal Model Library


Adds the power of fiscal modeling and custom international workflows for over 80 countries.

R3 R2R Mapping & Well Planning Add-on

R3 R2R

Mapping & Well Planning


Adds integrated map based well planning, volumetrics and resource to reserve classification to R3.

Software Benefits

Software Overview

Software Benefits

Software Overview

Discover insights into your company’s true potential

The interactive charting, roll-up and reporting functions add insight as you navigate assets at any level of your organization. Simply drill down to the required level of detail, then choose a template to display summaries of:

  • Reserve reports

  • Project economics

  • Maps of drilling plans and results from year to year

  • Maps of 1P, 2P, 3P reserves over time

  • Financial KPIs, budgets, price scenarios

  • Ownership changes

  • And much more


Your workflows, your way


To understand the effects of regional and geologic influences, oil companies naturally plan drilling and operational programs with maps.  Integrating data and plans with map data can expose opportunities or challenges not easily identifiable any other way.   R3’s integrated mapping package informs and visualizes spatial relationships that can have a significant impact on plans and decisions.   

R3 also features an extensive suite of business form templates to ensure that R3 can easily transform your oil and gas data into models of your business and business decisions.  The extensive list of templates includes custom views for U.S., Canadian, Chinese and Russian based companies, as well as over 70 customizable country fiscal model templates for international oil companies. 

The open economics scripting language features many pre-built applications to customize, simplify, standardize or automate your company’s workflows. 



Reserve and production forecasting you can trust


An intuitive decline curve analysis (DCA) interface, coupled with productivity tools such as one step automated curve fitting, interactive reserve estimates and easy multi-segment decline curves makes R3's decline curve analysis one of the most powerful and easy to use in the industry.  R3 forecasting enables the creation of production and reserves forecasts you can trust through tools to assess risk and uncertainty. 




Comprehensive unconventional forecasting and volumetric tools

What decline curve method will best predict your reserves?  Improper diagnostic and decline curve methods for unconventional forecasting can lead to misleading asset valuations and poor decisions.  Accurate forecasts require the right tools.  This is why R3's decline curve analysis and volumetrics tools feature a complete list of methods approved for use by PRMS guidelines for both conventional and unconventional plays. 


Finally, the flexibility to bring all your reserves data together and the power to manage it

With extensive ability to import and link to major industry data sources and reserve economics databases (even Excel), you can now easily integrate G&G, production, reserves, asset, financial and project data.  To ensure you can trust your data, R3 includes extensive QC capabilities, including functions for identifying and charting data anomalies or redundancies, a query builder with task automation, scheduling, and interactive mass editing.  

Easily manage, track and map the data required for economic analysis.  R3 can model and track well information, production data, acquisitions, facility and assets scenarios, partners, tax and royalty, drilling plans and more.  

From simple single user setup to sophisticated multi-user database security, R3 is designed to fit the needs of consultants and large multinational organizations alike.


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 R3 Product Links

Product Links

 R3 Product Links


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