R3 Software Solutions

OGRE Systems provides Reserves and Economic software solutions for asset evaluation, management and reporting. Whether you are a consultant, oil company, investor or lender, our software provides complete and flexible petroleum economics and engineering solutions.   Follow the links below to learn more about our R3 software suite.

R3 R2R

Your business needs to react to the volatile environments and cycles systemic to the oil and gas business.  Your ability to manage through these cycles and identify opportunities missed by your competitors is the difference between surviving and thriving.  

R3 Economics

R3 Economics is a powerful software program that provides reserves forecasting and economic evaluation to address the business-decision challenges faced by the petroleum industry. 

This consistent and comprehensive economics solution ensures compliance with PRMS as well as the most rigorous governing body standards. 

R3 Economics International

R3 International includes all the functionality of R3 Economics. In addition, you can include any fiscal model you require from our international fiscal model library, covering over 80 countries. With our open scripting language, you can customize a preexisting model’s Royalty, PSA or PSC framework to fast-track building a new model, or we can script it for you.

R3 Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics play an important role in the oil and gas industry. It identifies trends, outliers and correlations between datasets, all important steps in making informed decisions and spotting new opportunities.

Gain insights into how you can interactively compare KPIs for both internal and external cases in a pre-configured customizable map and dashboard interface program.  Key economic indicators include NPV, ROR and ROI for cashflow analysis.  Key production indicators include production decline curves, EURs, and type well profiles.