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REPORTING IN R3 - R3 has several reporting features making it easier to get your data out of the system and in front of others, including a set of user-defined report parameters, built-in templates of industry-standard reports, and much more.

PRODUCTION FORECAST - Forecasting production plays a very important role in determining the value of your assets. R3 features numerous tools to improve the efficiency of your workflows, in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

RESERVES MANAGEMENT - R3 offers multiple solutions to help you manage your assets, from resources to reserves. The programs include R2R Mapping, Recoverable Reserves Estimation (RRE), and a fully integrated Reserves Management System (RMS).

VOLUMETRICS & WELL PLANNING - R3 offers R2R Mapping, an add-on program that specializes in volumetrics and mapping. The software allows the user to calculate the in-place volumes of their target areas, map development plans over time, and assess the financial impacts of drainage radius options, drilling patterns and development timing.

ASSET ANALYSIS - R3 offers several unique features to assist in analyzing your assets. Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis, allows you to see how varying inputs can change your results. Pivot Grid View, allows you to interact with your data, both inputs and results.

UNIQUE FUNCTIONS - R3 programs offer many unique features to our clients that can't be found in other solutions. Our focus has always been to deliver the highest quality software that sets us apart from our competitors.

DATA MANAGEMENT - Everybody loves having data, but organizing, using, storing and protecting that data can take a lot of effort. R3 continuously works to improve our software to provide superior data management tools.

PROBABILISTIC RESERVES EVALUATION - R3 offers several tools to help use stochastic methods to analyze your data. All of the methods offer a better approach to reserve forecasting that minimizes bias, improves uncertainties, and helps users understand their data on a deeper level in a shorter period of time than other programs.

ECONOMIC EVALUATION - R3 features a variety of tools to help save time and effort, improving your workflow and enabling you to spend more time analyzing your data, not just managing it.

R3 ANNUAL REPORT - Generating reports for investors and the public is a time consuming process. R3 Annual Report is a new product geared towards making corporate reporting easier and faster.

VISUAL ANALYTICS - While it’s not easy to collect and maintain all the data generated from oil and gas properties and opportunities, it’s even harder to wade through that data and use it to improve your bottom line. R3 Visual Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool built to customize and streamline your interactions with your data. The result is faster diagnosing of issues and better predictions of future performance.

DATA IN/OUT - To make any economics program work you must have data to work with. Moving data into and out of the R3 system electronically is simplified with the Transfer Wizard.

BASIC WORKFLOW TUTORIAL - A walk through of the basic workflow of editing inputs, using Graphics for decline curve analysis, running economics and generating reports in a workflow format.