Our Vision

OGRE Systems has a long tradition as a leader in economic software.  For 40 years we’ve invested countless man-hours developing and enhancing the software that has been trusted by companies around the world to estimate, evaluate, analyze and manage their reserves. 

Our vision has always been to build our technical strength by relentlessly pursuing innovation. We realize that it takes a team of talented experts dedicated to meeting our client’s needs and exceeding their expectations.  We also understand that investing in ways that provide our users with real-world solutions is how we continue to develop our software.

Our core philosophy will always be to provide our customers with a solid, reliable software solution that has remained exceptional after 40 years. By averaging two releases a year, and re-architecting our software several times over the years, we’ve stayed committed to bringing technically advanced solutions to our users.  It’s how we’ve evolved all our OGRE products, and will continue to develop our future solutions.